Photographer Captures Moment Lightning Strikes Christ The Redeemer

February 12, 2023

The lightning strike at Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil's Rio De Janeiro has become a viral sensation on social media, with people expressing awe and wonder at the breathtaking pictures.

The photos were taken by Fernando Braga on February 10.

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Braga is calling his photo "Divine Lightning".

"Never give up. Lots and lots of frustrated attempts to catch the lightning falling on Christ. Many rains and days passed. I got close a few times, but I had never managed to get to Cristo. And right there that I love to photograph! I already have a very special photo for me which was the Blessed Moon. Now it's Divine Lightning!" he said (translated).

Christ the Redeemer remains one of the most iconic landmarks in Brazil and attracts millions of visitors every year.

It stands over 2,000 feet above Rio and is made of 700 tonnes of concrete.

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