Mom Uses ROBLOX To Get Her Daughter To Defrost Dinner

January 9, 2023

Parents are getting a good laugh at this mother's method for getting her 11-year-old daughter's attention after she was not answering her phone.

mom uses roblox to talk to kid
Credit: ChaCha Watson / Facebook

ChaCha Watson, from Chicago, posted screenshots to Facebook of her hilarious Roblox conversation with her daughter, Miracle.

Roblox is a popular free video game platform that can be played using your phone, tablet or computer.

"When my baby don't answer the phone I pull up on ROBLOX," Watson captioned her post.

mom uses roblox to talk to kid
Credit: ChaCha Watson / Facebook

Watson said she had been calling her daughter's phone to get ahold of her to no avail. Watson knew that Roblox boots you out of the game if you pick up the call while playing on your phone -- which is why her daughter was ignoring the calls.

So, she found her in the Roblox game and let her know she needed to take the lasagna and garlic bread out of the freezer.

mom uses roblox to talk to kid
Watson and Miracle / Credit: ChaCha Watson

"So when I popped up, she was just so happened to pull up," Watson told TODAY while laughing, adding that she just hopped right in the car with her daughter's character. "And I said, 'You see me calling you!' and then she was like, 'I'm sorry mom'."

Watson added that she actually loves playing Roblox with her daughter as a way to bond.

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