The Polyphemus Moth - Also Known As The TARANTULA WITH WINGS

December 7, 2022

A photo of a "flying tarantula" is freaking out social media users.

tarantula with wings
Via Reddit

It is actually just a harmless moth. The Polyphemus Moth, also known as the "tarantula with wings".

It's a type of giant silk moth native to North America, with populations found throughout central Canada and the United States.

They can grow to about six inches long.

flying tarantula
Credit: Wikimedia Commons /

The spots on the moth's back give it the name Polyphemu, which is also the name of the huge cyclops Odysseus fought in Homer's "Odyssey".

While some photos might make the moth look terrifying, other photos show the moth in a different light.

spider moth
Credit: Jacob Gorneau via Project Noah

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