Worried Woman Takes Cat Named Cheesecake To The Vet. The Exam Results Has The Internet In Stitches

October 3, 2022

The owner of a kitten named Cheesecake was extremely worried about the cat's health after a speedy weight gain.

"I've been very worried about Cheesecake lately, because she is so bulbous," Haley Andrews wrote on Facebook. "I was worried about worms, or worse, fluid build up from FIP.

cheesecake the cat
Cheesecake the kitten / Haley Andrews via Tiny Tim's Tiny Foster Family

So, Haley took Cheesecake to the vet for an examination.

"They ran some tests. Looked for fluid. I was a stricken with anxiety, heart racing. Untreated FIP is usually fatal to kittens and losing Cheesecake would be too much. The vet comes back into my room and hands me my carrier with Cheesecake back in it. Her face doesn't indicate much. She looks at me. I look at her. I'm terrified."

funny cat stories
Haley Andrews via Tiny Tim's Tiny Foster Family

"'Just fat.' She says."

"Cheesecake is just fat."

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