The Internet Reacts To A Hilarious Photo Of A Cat Standing Up

September 22, 2022

Someone posted a photo of their cat standing up on his hind legs and explained that the cat does this every time he hears bell noises.

cat standing up funny
Credit: u/Flbudskis via Reddit

The silly picture has garnered nearly 60,000 upvotes on Reddit.

When asked about the "unfortunate haircut", the cat's owner said that he rescued him from the pound last year and he was matted with "like 6 inches long hair down to the floor."

So, he had a lot of the hair shaved off.

"He reacted very well to the first cut. He actually became more playful. So I do it during the warm weather seasons."

The comments on the post are pure gold:

"Why he built like that."

"He look like a Dr Seuss character."

"The frontbutt on this guy is magnificent."

cat standing up funny
Credit: u/Flbudskis via Reddit

"Look at his little shoes."

"Get off his lawn."

"That's three kittens in a trenchcoat."

"Real life Cowardly Lion."

"My favorite part of this picture is his little tail curling around at his left kitty cat knee."

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