This Tree Grew Over The Sign, But Under The Paint

September 7, 2022

There's a tree along a trail in Wisconsin that appears to be eating a sign.

You'll notice that the tree grew over the sign, but under the paint.


trail sign on tree Wisonsin paint
Credit: sachs1

A photo of the sign was posted to Reddit today, however two other Redditors posted their own photos of the sign from previous years (2018 and 2020).


trail sign on tree Wisonsin paint

The tree can be found in Governor Dodge State Park.

"It's on the horse trail up to the cave... right by the fork in the trail," one user commented.


trail sign on tree Wisonsin paint

The popularity of the post resulted in another photo of a tree "eating" a sign.

"Tree grew around this sign, only leaving the word 'Help' visible," the user captioned his photo.

tree eating a sign

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