Busy Chef Closes Restaurant To Take His Son To Legoland

March 14, 2022

A restaurant owner and chef in California is being praised for choosing his family over work.

Chef closes restaurant to take kid to Legoland

Genji Sato owns Sushi Sasabune in Glendale. Because he is so busy running his business, he admitted to Today that he can't spend as much time with his family as he would like.

So, last month, he announced that he will be closing his business for a day to take his 7-year-old son to Legoland.

He posted a sign on the door and on the restaurant's social media accounts.

Chef closes restaurant to take kid to Legoland

The message was a big hit online — racking up hundreds of thousands of likes and shares.

"Thank you for all kind comments and messages, we never thought everyone would love our sign that much," Sato wrote.

Sato also shared a video of him and his son enjoying Legoland together.

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