'Do We Wait Or Get Wet?' Mom Shares Powerful Message After Shopping Inconvenience

August 21, 2021

A mother shared a powerful message about choosing to get wet in life's storms instead of waiting for the storm to pass.

get wet
Credit: Mama Dickinson / Facebook

Sarah Rothwell Whitman, known as Mama Dickinson on social media, says she was finishing up her shopping at Target with her daughter when it starting pouring rain. They had a decision to make.

This is what she wrote:

"My five-year-old daughter and I were just about ready to leave Target today when it started to pour rain.

We stopped our cart behind the automatic glass doors and looked out at the windy wet parking lot.

In front of us other finished shoppers were waiting, either for a designated family member to pick them up at the sidewalk or for the weather to lessen.

"Do we wait or just get wet," I asked my little one.

"Let's just get wet," she said.

We waited five minutes - because our car wasn't parked close - but the rain only got worse. So, we decided to make a run for it. On our way out, I asked my daughter if she was sure.

"It's going to be cold," I said.

"Let's go," she exclaimed.


We hurried across the lot, buckets of water dumping on us. I got her into the car, unloaded our bags and hopped in the front seat. I turned the heater on, thinking my daughter would complain she was cold.

"Mom," she said.

"Are you okay," I asked, turning around to see her smiling big.

"We did this," she said. "You did this. We got wet. Now, we can go home."

As I turned the heater on and drove home in the storm, I thought about all the people still at Target waiting on it to pass.

How often do we let life's storms keep us from getting where God has called us to go? We think, if we just wait, whatever obstacle we are facing might go away. We freeze on the other side of the door.

We make the comfortable choice.

But our avoidance is more impactful than just being stuck in a store on a Saturday afternoon. When we avoid walking through life's challenges, we miss out on all God has for us. When we hesitate to step out on faith, we wind up perpetually standing still.

My daughter wasn't hesitant to go out into the rain today. She embraced the inconvenience as part of the day's journey. She was willing to take on a challenge to get where she wanted to go.

Sometimes in life, you have to get wet."

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