This Third Grader Created His Own Cozy Atmosphere To Read During Class

May 14, 2021

A student at an elementary school in Indian Hill, Ohio is going viral after his teacher captured his cozy and creative reading setup.

Eli Bay's teacher Mari Mileham snapped a picture of him during the class's "Refresh and Reflect" time on Tuesday with a book and virtual fireplace playing on his tablet.

"This student created his own cozy atmosphere today and I absolutely love it," Mileham said.

student reading with fireplace on ipad

Originally, Mileham only wanted to send it to Eli's parents. She decided to tweet it, thinking people would love it -- and they did.

The tweet has almost 700,000 likes!

"There were so many adults saying, 'This is me! This is what I do when I read!'" said Mileham. "I think with everything going on in the world, people loved this. This made their day -- the positivity we just love to spread."

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