He Had A Heart Attack And WORK Was First On His Mind. His New Outlook Is A Must-Read

April 28, 2021

After having a sudden heart attack, Jonathan Frostick has reevaluated his approach to work.

He shared his story in a LinkedIn post that's now going viral.

man shares life advice after heart attack
Jonathan Frostick

Frostick is a 45-year-old Regulatory IT Delivery lead based in London. The father of three revealed that when he suffered a heart attack two weeks ago, WORK was the first thing on his mind.

So, he shared his story to help others who might resonate. This is what he wrote:

"So I had a heart attack...

This is not how I planned my Sunday. It was pretty standard up to 4pm. Morning coffee, a trip to the local country park, a shopping trip and late lunch.

I sat down at my desk at 4pm to prep for this weeks work. And then I couldn't really breathe. My chest felt constrained, I had what I can only describe as surges in my left arm, my neck, my ears were popping.

I didn't get a flash of light, my life race through my mind. Instead I had:

1. F**k I needed to meet with my manager tomorrow, this isn't convenient
2. How do I secure the funding for X (work stuff)
3. Sh*t I haven't updated my will
4. I hope my wife doesn't find me dead

I got to the bedroom so I could lie down, and got the attention of my wife who phoned 999.

I've since made the following decisions whilst I've laid here, on the basis I don't die:

1. I'm not spending all day on zoom anymore
2. I'm restructuring my approach to work
3. I'm really not going to be putting up with any s#%t at work ever again - life literally is too short
4. I'm losing 15kg
5. I want every day to count for something at work else I'm changing my role
6. I want to spend more time with my family

And that, so far, is what near death has taught me."

Frostick's post has nearly 300,000 likes on LinkedIn and more than 15,000 comments.

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