Someone Installed These Plaques On Benches In Calgary. The City Removed Them, Then Put Them Back

October 9, 2020

Someone placed these hilarious commemorative plaques on benches around Bowmount Park in Calgary.

funny plaques benches Calgary

"Earlier this week, it came to our attention that someone had installed bench plaques at Bowmont Park. Due to our policy around commemorative plaques and graffiti, we removed them," the City of Calgary wrote in a statement.

But after a wave of support to keep the plaques on the benches, city officials changed course and put the signs back.

"We heard from Calgarians that you loved the sayings and you wanted them to stay," city officals said. "We listened and reinstalled all the plaques."

One plaque marked the first-ever landing of a UFO in Calgary.

Another marked the spot where explorer David Thompson "forded the Bow River with his herd of 14 African elephants."

However, the city is asking others not to copy the original prankster who created the parody plaques.

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