Meet Belarus - The Cross-Eyed Rescue Cat Who Always Looks Perplexed

March 16, 2020

Meet Belarus, the adorable cross-eyed rescue cat who found his forever home in California.

cross eyed cat belarus
Credit: @my_boy_belarus

When Rachel Krall first saw Belarus at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control in 2018, she said it was love at first sight.

Since so many people were interested in adopting Belarus, many requested that Krall start an Instagram account for the unique cat.

She obliged, and now shares his adventures with the rest of the world.

cross eyeed cat belarus
Credit: @my_boy_belarus

Belarus is known for his signature look, but the condition doesn't seem to worry or impact him in any negative way.

"We've talked to a few vets, and they said it's called strabismus, which is caused by the muscles on the different sides of the eye being a slightly different tension," Krall said.


"But they said that he seems to see fine - and they're not sure if it's genetic or from an old injury."

cross eyeed cat belarus
Credit: @my_boy_belarus

Krall has also started selling Belarus merchandise to raise money for animal shelters.

"We used to get a lot of asks on our Instagram page about merchandise, and people were hoping to get something with his face on it," Krall said.

So, she launched a store on Bonfire that sells tanktops, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

"We donate 100 per cent of the profits to shelters around the area. We've been working with Belarus' shelter, and we've also been working with Cat Town in Oakland.

"Last year we donated $6,000 in total to shelters - but this year it's blown up with the press, so it's been good."

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