This Hummingbird Built A Home With A Roof

March 14, 2020

Conservationist Bianca Caroline Soares has seen many hummingbird nests, but none like this one she recently photographed near her home in Paraguay.

This one had a roof.

hummingbird house with roof
Credit: Bianca Caroline Soares

Bianca wrote:

"The Paraguayan Chaco and the Nature Reserve of the Mbaracayú Forest was on fire, and I, like many of you, with a feeling of indescribable helplessness, and with a lot of sadness in my eyes and heart went for a walk, to seek comfort in my environment, in nature, paraphrasing Moses Bertoni; 'It is my life and my religion.'

And it was on a very special morning, in the midst of so many tragedies and bad news I received this gift, that not only I could admire and comfort my soul, if not also convey something positive through this image. And as someone always says that I highly esteem: 'Nature is wise'."

hummingbird house with roof
Credit: Bianca Caroline Soares

In the weeks that followed that first sighting, Bianca continued to visit the clever bird's nest.

She had two babies and witnessed another magical moment.

hummingbird nest with roof
Credit: Bianca Caroline Soares

"Today I was awarded by nature by being allowed to attend this magical moment of having the most famous hummingbird family in their nest. Able be the last photograph I could take of them, as minutes later the chicks started their first flight. How brave! I feel so blessed, and really, not everything I can explain in words what my day to day is in this paradise, so I summarize it up with a photograph that I'm sure I will remember until my last day."

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