A Banana Duct Taped To A Wall Sold For $120,000 At An Art Show In Miami

December 6, 2019

An artist has sold a banana duct taped to a wall for $120,000 at Art Basel in Miami Beach.


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Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan named the piece "Comedian", and according to Art Basel, he sold two of the three editions.

According to a press statement from Galerie Perrotin, an art gallery in Paris, the artist first came up with the idea a year ago.

"Back then, Cattelan was thinking of a sculpture that was shaped like a banana," it reads. "Every time he traveled, he brought a banana with him and hung it in his hotel room to find inspiration. He made several models: first in resin, then in bronze and in painted bronze (before) finally coming back to the initial idea of a real banana."

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