This Restaurant Has A Less Fortunate Board

May 7, 2019

The Two Amigos Mexican restaurant in Pleasanton, CA, has a less fortunate board where patrons can buy a meal for someone in need.

two amigos

After a customer purchases a lunch they post the receipt on this board.

Then when someone is hungry but doesn't have enough money, they can come in and look at the board and pull off one of the receipts and get a free meal.

restaurant has pay it forward lunch board

Hundreds of people on Facebook have commented on the photos and shared their thoughts.

"Wonderful idea! On another wall are the thank notes for those in need that were able to get a free meal."

"I absolutely LOVE this!! It would be wonderful for more restaurants to offer this."

"That is going to be a blessed and successful restaurant. It starts with having a heart."

"This is just brilliant. I was really down and out one Christmas. I was not going to be able to do much of any Christmas let alone a tree. We were going to make one out of paper and put it in the window. About a week before Christmas I came home to a tree and a basket on my front porch. It had a Christmas dinner and a cabbage patch doll for my daughter. I never knew and still don't know who did that! I'm crying as I write this. Since I have done better I have payed it forward. Sometimes being behind the scenes and not known is a easier way to give and get. I love this board. I love this concept. No one in this country should be hungry."

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