'The Cat Is A Liar': Man Wants To Help Cat, Then Spots The Sign

April 22, 2019

A man visiting New Orleans spotted a cat standing outside of a cafe and wanted to help him -- until he saw the sign.

cat is a liar
Credit: @davidfucillo

"We're in New Orleans and were walking down a street when we saw this cat outside a closed coffee shop," David Fucillo wrote on Twitter. "A woman was working inside so we knocked and pointed to the cat, asking if she belonged inside there.

The woman pointed to a sign which was to the left of the door."

cat is a liar
Credit: @davidfucillo

The cafe, d4 Tabletop Gaming, saw Fucillo's tweet and shared some more information on the cat.

"Her name is Squeak and she is absolutely adored. Her owners have multiple cats, but Squeak is not a big fan of other cats. She likes people. In particular, she likes people who pet her."

In other news...

cat is a liar never been fed

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