These 2 Slobs Spent More Time Cuddling On The Couch Than I've Ever Seen

November 24, 2018

Drake and Arnold both live at the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary in Ontario.

Arnold is a goat who was born with crooked legs, so no one wanted him.

Drake is a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.

When the sanctuary took in Arnold, he "absolutely fell in love with Drake".

dog and goat cuddling on couch
Credit: Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary

And since Arnold can't do much running around with his crooked legs, he enjoys being lazy on the couch with Drake.

It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.


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"These two slobs spent more time cuddling on the couch than I've ever seen," sanctuary co-founder Megan Mostacci wrote on Instagram.

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