Police Officer's Heartfelt Plea Describes The Side Of The Job You Don't Read About In The News

October 15, 2018

A powerful post on the "More Than A Police" Facebook page is going viral. The heartfelt plea was originally posted by an officer in Pembroke, Georgia.

This is what he wrote...

officer plea

"I have pulled dead, mangled bodies from cars..

I have lied to people as they were dying.

I said you are going to be fine as I held their hand and watched the life fade out.

I have held dying babies. Bought lunch for people who were mentally ill and haven't eaten in a while.

I have had people try to stab me. Fought with men trying to shoot me.

Been attacked by women who have had the sh*t kicked out of them by their husband as I was arresting him.

I have held towels on bullet wounds.


Done CPR when I knew it wouldn't help just to make family members feel better.

I have torn down doors, fought in drug houses. Chased fugitives though the woods.

I have been in high speed car chases.

Foot chases across an interstate during rush hour traffic.

I have been in crashes. Been squeezing the trigger about to kill a man when they came to their senses and stopped. Waded through large angry crowds by myself. Drove like a mad man to help a fellow officer. Let little kids who don't have much sit in my patrol car and pretend they are a cop for their birthday.

I have taken a lot of people to jail. Given many breaks. Prayed for people I don't even know. Yes and at times I have been "violent" when I had to be. I have been kind when I could..

I admit I have drove to some dark place and cried by myself when I was overwhelmed.

I have missed Christmas and other holidays more than I wanted too.

Every cop I know has done all these things and more for lousy pay, suckie hours and a short life expectancy. We don't want your pity, I don't care for your respect. Just let us do our jobs without killing us.. please.

Thank you."

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