Mom Shares High School's Hilarious 'Opt Out' Fundraiser Form

September 1, 2018

Life gets busy when you have kids. That's why this fundraiser form from Auburn High School is going viral.

funny high school fundraiser form Auburn
Credit: Briana Leggett Woods / Facebook

Briana Leggett Woods, a mother of two from Auburn, Alabama says this approach to raising money is a breath of fresh air.

"My very first thought was, 'Someone finally gets it. Sign me up!' I was ecstatic to see this idea presented in such a humorous way," Woods told Love What Matters.

"Families are busy. Whether you are a stay at home parent or work full time outside the home, life is full. The days are full. And I don't want to spend any of my precious spare moments selling candles or tubs of cookie dough to people who don't really want to buy that stuff anyway."

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