This Cat Returned Home With A Baby Opossum On Her Back

August 13, 2018

A rescued cat named Blanquis left home one day and returned as the proud new momma of an abandoned baby opossum.

cat brings home baby opossum
Credit: @mapachesmiramar / Facebook

Yessica Rodriguez of Altamira, Mexico, said she was getting ready for work on Friday morning when she heard her husband calling out to her to come downstairs.

"He said, 'You have to come down here,'" Rodriguez told The Dodo. "'Your kitten has an animal on her back!'"

cat brings home baby opossum
Credit: @mapachesmiramar / Facebook

It's unclear where and how Blanquis discovered the baby opossum, but the little critter clearly hopped onto the cat's back on its own.

Blanquis evidently allowed it and then brought the youngster home, just like an opossum mother transports her babies.

cat brings home baby opossum
Credit: Yessica Rodriguez

According to The Dodo, Rodriguez reached out to a wildlife specialist to learn how to care for the baby opossum until he could be placed under expert care.

For the time being, Blanquis has been licking and bathing the baby as if its her own. Though she can't feed the opossum, she is providing the love and protection he needs.

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