Mom Puts Up Signs Asking To Borrow Someone's Orange Cat

August 7, 2018

A mother in Oklahoma City has made a desperate plea to the public in hopes to make her children's day.

She put an ad on her local craigslist asking to borrow someone's orange cat for a day or two. She also printed signs and posted them around her town.

mom puts ad to borrow orange cat for kids

According to her husband, who commented on the post, this stems from their 4-year-old watching the old Garfiend cartoons on Boomerang.

"She asked one night if we could have lasagna. 4yr olds don't usually ask for new food. So we made lasagna and she broke into tears. She thought Garfield would be eating with us. So we told her we'll try to get Garfield to come next time."

He added that they have been contacted by a couple who plan to come over Saturday "with their fat orange cat."

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