Exhausted Firefighters Photographed Napping On The Ground While Fighting California Wildfires

August 2, 2018

Brave men and women are risking their lives every day to help the thousands of people threatened by the Carr wildfire in California.

A photo surfaced online that shows a group of firefighters getting whatever rest they could.

firefighters nap during Carr fire Redding
Credit: @meet_the_parras / Instagram

The photo was posted on Instagram by Brandon and Katelyn Parra.

"This picture literally brings me to a whole new respect for the fire fighters. After days of fighting this fire, they curled up and slept on the ground in my neighborhood just to do it again tonight," they captioned the photo.

"Thank you for saving my home and running into a fire that the rest of the town is running from. You all are true hero's."

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