After His Dog Died, He Never Thought He'd Find A New Best Friend -- Until He Met Sammi The Chicken

June 28, 2018

Most chickens don't like water. Sammi is one of a kind.

swimming chicken sammi
Credit: @sammichicken / Instagram

Sammi and her owner Dave Cox take road trips every weekend.

If you follow her on Instragram, you'll see photos of Sammi roosting in cities all over the country, including New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta and Houston.

But her favorite place to visit is a beach.

"She would swim out and circle me," Cox said. "She was totally chill. She just kind of took to it."

Cox posted this video of Sammi and him taking a morning swim in Tampa.

Cox takes Sammi everywhere with him, even shopping at the supermarket.

"I just enjoy having her with me," he said. "I love this little girl."

"She's just the sweetest thing."

swimming chicken sammi
Credit: @sammichicken / Instagram

Cox met Sammi not long after he lost his best friend of 17 years, a blue heeler named Cort. When his dog died, Cox wondered how he would ever find that perfect match again.

"I never thought I would feel about a chicken the way you would your dog," Cox said.

You can follow Dave and Sammi the Chicken's adventures on Instagram.

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