Woman Revives Bumble Bee With Sugar Water, Then Someone Writes The Most Beautiful Tale

April 23, 2018

A kindhearted woman revived an exhausted bumble bee by letting it drink sugar water from her finger tip. The video has garnered millions of views online.

Reviving an exhausted bumble bee with sugar water

One viewer decided to write a tale about the doomed bumble bee's experience that day and it's so beautiful we just had to share it.

"What a trip it must be. You live your life looking for food, water, shelter, sex and see the world as this massive barely comprehensible universe of things that terrify and scare you.

Then one day you go on your usual foraging trips and eat up but can't seem to find enough food. You press on but those succulent green skyscrapers with petals just seem to be empty. The sun is searing and the wind ravages your body. You are thrown around at nature's mercy and undoubtedly crash into mountain ranges of rectangular boulders, and invisible force fields beyond which are dimensions beyond all rational thought where monsters and eldritch horrors lurk and peer back through you.

Exhausted you land on a strange surface of some sort of rock that's been glued together by millions of smaller rocks forming a terrifying frankenstein patchwork of stone. You can barely move and suddenly, encompassing half your known universe, an alien colossus moves the very ground beneath you and you stumble onto a living mass of flesh that's warm to the touch. Through your legs you feel it pulsing with an unnatural power but are too tired to escape. All you can do is scream in your tiny cluster of neurons as your fear response explodes.

As you prepare for your life being snuffed out another grotesque flesh construct crosses the vast distance of time and space and stops just in front you. Somewhere in the recesses of your spiral of terror you smell something sweet. You stick your proboscis out and... wait... it's not nectar, it's different... it's strange... but alluring. You drink and find your hunger and thirst sated so you drink some more. You don't know how but in this dimension of broken geometry where an eldritch abomination resides you have found sustenance. You remain perched on floors and walls of flesh.

You continue your drinking unable to stop due to overwhelming hunger. Maybe this strange liquid is poison, maybe not, but you have no choice. As you nearly finish what is presented the wall of flesh pulls away and for a brief moment you wonder if you have angered some malevolent god. Then the flesh wall returns but with more sustenance! Have you died and gone to heaven? or is this some twisted torment of Tantalus that will soon reveal itself? Hunger drives you to continue drinking despite the wrongness of the universe.

Finally you are sated and you take off before you lose your sanity completely. As you go in whatever direction you can your surroundings become more familiar and safe. The strange taste is still on your tastebuds as you try to process what happened. Perhaps you went insane from hunger, or maybe you encountered an eldritch abomination from another reality.

You do not know, you're just a f***ing bee."

Source. Note: An Eldritch Abomination is a creature defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe.

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