Woman Gives Note To Two Men On A Train And One Had A Lovely Response

February 16, 2018

strangers on a train kindness
Credit: Getty Images

A woman overheard two strangers having a lovely conversation on the train and it made her day.

"I had to let them know they had such a positive impact on me," Hannah Thornton, of Sheffield, England, said.

"They'd never met before but instantly hit it off and laughed like they'd been best friends for years."

So, she scribbled a short note and gave it to them as she got off the train.

strangers on a train kindness
Hannah Thornton / Twitter / @hannah_shef

To her surprise, one of the gentlemen responded to her note.

strangers on a train kindness
Hannah Thornton / Twitter / @hannah_shef

After she shared the two notes, thousands of people retweeted them, with dozens pledging to volunteer with older people.

Others have told their stories of meetings with strangers and how it had restored their faith in humanity.

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