Chicken Named 'Big Mama' Gets Her Own Obituary In The Local Newspaper

January 30, 2018

A chicken passed away over the weekend prompting her owners to post a formal obituary in the local newspaper.

big mama chicken obituary
Big Mama / via Stephanie Sword

The obituary of Big Mama, a 6-year-old Rhode Island Red, appeared in The Eagle, a newspaper based in Bryan, Texas.

"Not every chicken deserves an obituary, but Big Mama was special," owner Stephanie Sword said.

big mama chicken obituary
Credit: The Eagle

Big Mama was adopted by Stephanie and Gregory Sword and their two sons, who live in College Station, Texas.

She immediately became a member of the family and even earned a place in last year's family Christmas photo.

big mama chicken obituary
Courtesy Petsmart / The Eagle

"Big Mama was very close to being euthanized, but through the kindness of friends and vet techs and veterinarians that saved her, she made her way to us and had this beautiful life as part of our family," Sword told The Eagle. "We really felt if any chicken deserves an obituary, it was Big Mama."

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