He Left A Kind Note On His Car And Left For The Day. When He Returned, He Found This

January 11, 2018

Here's proof that it pays to be kind!

A man in the UK left a sign on his car saying that he was out all day and people could block him in. When he got back, he found a different note attached to his car.

man leaves note on car good news

The note reads:

"Hi, I didn't need to use the space you left available but plenty of people did.

I wanted to acknowledge your small act of kindness and awareness of others that seems to be nonexistent here.

Please have this £5 to treat yourself to a frivolous cake or a drink later. Or donate it to a charity you like.

Keep being better than most!

Love from another human."

The owner of the car decided to use the money to pay it forward. He wrote this comment in response:

"Put this up in the vain hope that the person who wrote the letter might see it and know that I really appreciate their words and that they absolutely made my day. Their fiver bought a homeless bloke a hot lunch today."

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