Library Has 'Tough Topics' Sign For Teens Afraid To Ask For Help

December 9, 2017

The Fayetteville Free Library near Syracuse, New York, has taken the innovative step to help teens find information on uncomfortable topics without them having to ask for help.

tough topics teens library sign
Fayetteville Free Library

The sign hangs in the library's "teen space" and points out exactly where to find books on these "tough topics" based on their Dewey Decimal number.

"Teens don't even have to necessarily check the book out of the library; they can just walk into their space," Margaret Kingsport, director of Innovative Family Services for the library, told Inverse. "They don't have to feel like somebody's watching them or judging them for having checked them out or wanting to read this topic. They can just find out what they need to know and have the information."

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