In Less Than 2 Minutes You Can Block All Political Posts On Facebook

February 6, 2017

Tired of annoying political posts taking over your Facebook news feed?

With this free tool, you can filter your news feed to block ALL political posts!

how to block all political posts on Facebook

A popular free browser extension called Social Fixer helps you choose which type of posts you want or do not want to see by using easy pre-made filters.

how to block all political posts on Facebook

1. Download the Social Fixer browser extension.

2. Once installed, reload Facebook. You'll see a menu badge appear. Click this wrench and choose "Social Fixer Options".

3. Choose the "Filters" section on the left, and scroll down to the bottom of the right panel. Click the + icon to add a filter.

4. Click "Save Changes" and refresh your news feed.

Watch the two-minute video below to learn how to use Social Fixer to remove political posts from Facebook:

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