Leah Remini Answers EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Scientology

November 30, 2016

Actress Leah Remini is a former Scientologist (OT level "V") on a mission to spread greater awareness about the religion and "expose the truth." The King of Queens star says she is tired of letting them "bully people into silence and submission."

In an interview on Reddit, Leah answered everything.

Leah Remini Scientology

Q: How much did you pay to the church throughout your time there?

Leah: Millions.

Q: Is it true they record your meetings and blackmail you with the recordings?

Leah: Yes, every "therapy room" is equipped with cameras and listening devices, as admitted by the "Church." Do they use it for blackmail? No, they use it to discredit you when you speak out.

Q: Do the higher ups know it's a scam or do they really believe this crap?

Leah: The higher up is singular. And he definitely knows. however I believe most parishioners and Sea Org members (people who work for the "church") are in the dark and believe that they are doing amazing things for the world. And David Miscavige is directly responsible for that fraud.

Q: Are you safe?

Leah: Yes, I feel very safe. I have the support of my family and friends. And, I feel strangely protected by the world at large.

Q: What's is the single most horrible thing you encountered in the "church"?

Leah: I would say the "church's" Fair Game policy, and how they systematically go after anyone who publicly speaks out against them. Anyone who speaks out against the "church" is seen as an enemy.

Q: Is there anything a loved one can do to help a brainwashed member see the truth, without ruining the relationship completely?

Leah: If you want to get them out there is no way to do it nicely. There is no way to do it quietly. You have to challenge them by saying, "If you can think for yourself, if you have truly accomplished what scientology says you have accomplished, you should be able to speak freely on any subject. If you have completed the "PTS/SP Course" you should be able to confront and shatter suppression." You should ask them how is it then that you can't watch a movie called Going Clear or look on the internet if you are the elite of the planet and handling the planet's ills if you can't think for yourself. I only hope that your challenge will get them to simply look.

Q: Do you think there are members of the cult of Scientology reading this AMA?

Leah: Do I think? I know. Hi Karin Pouw and members of OSA! If any Sea Org member is currently reading this and works for OSA and wants to leave, I will help you... including Karin.

Q: Do you personally feel like you're being watched/tracked/etc by the church for doing everything your doing?

Leah: I am. I'm okay with it because I knew what I was getting into and I knew the policies of the "church" and what would happen by my speaking out against it.

Q: Why do you think there are so many people in the entertainment industry in the religion?

Leah: If you really look at the numbers at the entertainment industry, in comparison to the small number of Scientologists that are celebrities, the number wouldn't even register. I think Scientology has done an amazing job convincing people that there is a great number of celebrities in the "Church."

Q: If all Scientology's secrets were revealed tomorrow, which do you think would be most shocking?

Leah: When you reach the top of The Bridge (OTP 8) you will be told that God is a lie for LRH [Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the founder of Scientology], and there are more levels ahead, that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no end to Scientology.

Q: Was there a single breaking point that convinced you to leave the church? Or was it a long term struggle with the decision?

Leah: Long term struggle, however, seeing the "church" attack those who were speaking out, those who gave their life, life savings, their children to this organization that were once considered exemplary Scientologists or staff members of the church to being liars, bitter apostates, and what ever vile sophomoric, vitriolic adjective they can find overnight says a lot about the organization.

Q: How do the powers that be in Scientology keep their followers from reading anti-Scientology news, or your book? Why don't more Scientologists leave?

Leah: Great question. Because very early on in the brainwashing process, L. Ron Hubbard's "technology" teaches you that outside sources (i.e. The news, the Internet, books, magazines) are ALL LIES and hellbent on destroying something decent like Scientology. The AMA, and APA, and all "governments" do not give scientology its due because they have a vested interest in not healing people and not helping people. And Scientology is in the business of making people better. So Scientologists are taught that their safest bet is to get their info from the only true decent people...and those are Scientologists. And if they look on the internet, if they read time mag, they will be met with punishment at their expense. And, as a Scientologist...you have to confess that you've read outside materials, and that will be met with punishment at your expense.

Q: What do you think Scientology will look like in 50-100 years? Do you think it has longevity or is it going to come to an end?

Leah: I hope that its abusive practices come to an end. I'm all for people believing in things that are decent.

Q: Is Tom Cruise really the "Messiah?"

Leah: To the "Church," yes. Parishioners believe that he is singlehandedly changing the planet because that is what the "Church" is telling them.

Source: Reddit

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