Heat This On Your Stove To Fill Your House With Christmas Like No Candle Can

November 28, 2016

This is a quick and easy way to make your home smell lovely and also humidify the air during the dry winter months.

DIY make home smell like Christmas pot of water

What you need:

 - A small pot.

 - Water, preferably filtered.

 - Cinnamon sticks (or powder).

 - Essential oil.


Fill the small pot to about an inch and a half below the top. Heat on low simmer to last all day.

Add two cinnamon sticks or a few shakes of cinnamon powder.

Add as many drops of essential oil as you like. I use peppermint oil, balsam fir needle, or orange oil.

If you don't have essential oils and don't want to buy any, cinnamon alone smells really great and festive as well.

You can also add sliced fruit like apples or oranges if you wanna go all out.

That's it! Your home will be filled with the smell of Christmas like no candle can.

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