Bicycle Company Sees Huge Reduction In Delivery Damage By Printing TVs On The Box

October 24, 2016

Earlier this year, the co-founder of a Dutch bike manufacturer had a stroke of genius.

By printing a picture of a flat screen TV on their bike boxes, delivery damages dropped by 70-80 percent.

bike manufacturer prints tv on box to reduce damages
Photo: Twitter/@jasongay

For some reason, bicycles in big cardboard boxes have a tendency to get dropped, bashed or crushed by delivery companies, which has spurred Dutch manufacturer Vanmoof into action to find a solution.

"No matter who was doing the shipping, too many of our bikes arrived looking like they'd been through a metal-munching combine harvester. It was getting expensive for us, and bloody annoying for our customers," creative director Bex Rad wrote on the company's blog.

So what did they do? Instead of putting a picture of a bike on the box they printed a picture of a large flat screen TV and saw instances of delivery damage drastically reduce.

"Earlier this year our co-founder Ties had a flash of genius. Our boxes are about the same size as a (really really reaaaally massive) flat screen television. Flat screen televisions always arrive in perfect condition. What if we just printed a flat screen television on the side of our boxes? "And just like that, shipping damage to our bikes dropped by 70–80%."

(h/t) Cycling Weekly

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