A Marine Found 4 Baby Rabbits In A Hole All Alone. Then He Did What A REAL Man Would Do

March 20, 2014

Reddit user Tokyomaneater69 found 4 baby rabbits in a hole near their deceased mother. The rabbits had no chance at surviving unless he did something about it... this is his incredible story.

"I live in Camp Pendleton, Ca. And as I was taking the volleyball court at the barracks I found a dead rabbit (fully grown). As I continued raking I found a small hole with 4 tiny tiny rabbits in it. I grabbed a box put a few old shirts into it and picked up the bunnies. I researched how to raise them and what to feed them. I made a nice box for them to live in a and bottle fed them until I could ween them to eat the local foods. After a couple months I brought them to a wild life rescue because they were starting to jump out of their box. It was a lot of hard work but I loved the bunnies..."

When he found them:

Bottle feeding 4 times a day for 2 months:

Meet Steven:

This is one of the videos he uploaded:

To all the guys out there, take notes! This was one of the responses to his story on reddit:

"Hey tokyomaneater, sorry I took so long taking my clothes off as you spoke. I was too busy trying to decide how I want to rock your world"

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Source: reddit

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