Lord Of The Cactus Looks Down On You From His Spiny Tower

August 19, 2016

A bobcat was spotted perched on top of a 50-foot tall cactus after running for its life from a hungry mountain lion in Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

Photographer Curt Fonger captured what happened on film.

bobcat on top of tall cactus

The bobcat stayed up there for SIX hours, just to make sure the lion had gone, and incredibly escaped without a scratch.

bobcat on top of tall cactus

The mountain lion that was stalking him never scaled the cactus, but circled the base, stared upwards and growled for a few minutes before giving up and walking off.

bobcat on top of tall cactus

"The mountain lion probably had cubs, the bobcat had intruded on its territory and she gave chase to warn the bobcat not to come close to her young family," said Fonger. "I was astonished that the bobcat was on such a high prickly perch. In fact, the beautiful creature seemed quite content and was lying on top of the cactus. It only stood up when I got it's attention."

bobcat on top of tall cactus

"I personally examined the base of the giant cactus after the bobcat had left. There was no hair or blood - only claw marks.

"Its a successful story of a bobcat avoided being eaten by a mountain lion with a happy ending of it's successful exit back into the desert."

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