This Guy Explains How To Kill Fleas... With Rock N' Roll

August 9, 2016

Did you know you can kill fleas with that old time rock n' roll?

After someone posted online about wanting to burn down his house due to a never-ending flea problem in his house, a stranger gave him the most metal advice ever. This is what he wrote...

"I had fleas in my house and it is the absolute worst. It's a psychological battle that takes it's toll. Them jumping on your legs in the bathroom in the morning. Still gives me chills.

I used all OTC bombs a few times and then finally had a major pest removal (Orkin?) come out and they sprayed. But to no avail. After some reading, I found that the eggs can lay dormant until they feel a vibration; meaning a host is walking by and which is what makes the eggs hatch. Literally these bastards are so unforgiving their eggs won't even hatch until they know they can survive.

So I am a bassist and I thought... vibration is what you want? I think I can provide you with some gooood vibrations. When the Orkin guy came back the second time hit the house and left, I put a mask on, put my amp in the center of my house and said a prayer to the rock n' roll gods cranked to 11. Within three days, nearly gone, and after a week, no sign of them.

I would locate a 2.1 surround system (great excuse to get one if you don't have one) bass turned all the way up and give them a taste of some dub step or the dankest rap beats and shake the bastards right into their pesticide death dance."

Credit: woodrowchillson

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