This Beautiful Poem From Rugrats About A Mother's Eternal Love For Her Child

August 6, 2016

No two families are alike. Some have a mom and a dad. Others have just a mom. And some, like the cartoon character Chuckie on Nickelodeon's Rugrats, have only a dad.

a poem to Chuckie from mom rugrats

On a special Mother's Day episode that aired on May, 9, 1997, Chuckie set out to find himself a mom with help from the rest of the gang. After Chuckie accidentally stumbles upon some pictures of his mom in the closet, his dad decides it's time for Chuckie to know the truth: that his mom got sick one day and never came home.

He then reads to his son from her diary and finds her last entry, a poem to Chuckie.

a poem to Chuckie from mom rugrats

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