Police Officer Gives His Thoughts On 'Pokemon Go' After Witnessing Teens At A Veterans Memorial

July 16, 2016

A police officer in a small town shared a story about Pokemon Go after witnessing something that really "struck" him...

police officer thoughts on Pokemon Go

"Not sure if there have been any other officers posting here. But I wanted to share a story about the game.

For starters, there are plenty of officers here on Reddit that are playing the game. We love it. Heck, the Sheriffs Office in my county held an impromptu 'Pokemon GO' day a few days ago. It was great.

But tonight I saw something that really struck me. I work in a fairly small town. Not a whole lot of people around at nights, and there really is not a whole lot to do. Especially for kids and young adults. Tonight while I was working, I checked a nearby park, and opened up the game. I saw that someone placed a Lure module on a stop nearby.

I drove to the stop. It is our town's veterans memorial. We have a wonderful, beautiful memorial in our downtown area to honor those that serve in our nation's military. Since it's a small town, the only time it ever gets visitors is on holidays, or during town festivals. Last night there were about 15 teenagers at this memorial. Obviously because of the Lure Module.

But what amazed me, what made me so happy that this game exists, is how the teens acted. They weren't rowdy or obnoxious. They respected the memorial. Not only that, but they actually took time and walked around it. They looked at the names engraved, admired the sculptures, all while waiting for pokemon to show up.

These teens never would have come out and visited the Veterans memorial had it not been for this game. So thank you."


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