This Guy Describes In Detail Why Working For Walmart Is Pure Hell

July 10, 2016

If you're thinking about getting a job at Walmart, you may want to rethink that decision. A former employee recently shared all the horrible problems that occurred while he was working at Walmart for 6 years...

former walmart employee describes terrible job
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"I worked at Walmart for 6 years, and those were six years of pure hell. Here's a short list of what they do:

1. Every year they remove more workers, then increase the workload on workers that are still there. These are already way overworked people doing several jobs outside their job description already doing even more.

2. Do not have any full time positions for new employees unless a management position.

3. Decrease benefits, if your part time (which is the vast majority of Walmart employees) you pretty much will not get it, you CAN get it, but it will eat up pretty much your whole check.

4. Walmart does NOT give any holidays off. Some might say, they give Christmas off, NO, what they do is have everyone have a REGULAR day off all together, you do not get an extra day off. We all know Walmart will get rid of Christmas holiday sooner or later. They are just trying to figure a way to make customers come to Walmart on Christmas.

5. Walmart got rid of thanksgiving, they moved Black Friday to that Thursday so people will spend money on thanksgiving, instead of staying at home with their families.

6. Remember when Walmart made this big splash about paying their Walmart employees $10 an hour? Yea, its a big scam. Walmart USED to pay a flat 40 cents each yearly raise, however right when they increased the pay, they came out with a new rule where it was based on percentage of your pay instead of a flat number. The short of it is that they now about 20 cents or less on the yearly pay increase.

7. Too many managers, you will have 4 or 5 managers looking for you and for each of them demanding you do a job for them and if you try to tell them that you are already doing a job, they tell you to forget that job and do theirs. Which always lead to another manager yelling at you why you are not doing their job, which if you explain what happened they will tell you to ignore that job and go do THEIR job. At the end of the day, whichever job you do, you will get yelled at by the other managers on why their job is not done. The worst part is that management will NOT talk to each other, they got damn radios but refuse to communicate with each other and instead try to go around each other to grab employees from other departments to do their jobs.

8. Everybody is a floater, whatever job you signed up for is meaningless, you will be doing everything. Usually jobs that are supposed to pay a lot more than what you are making. For example, ever wonder why they are shorthanded on the checkout line a lot? Its because cashiers make more money, so they get around having a lot of cashiers by making regular employees do the register, as long as they do it less than 75% of their work time, Walmart does not have to pay them.

9. Walmart HATES giving out breaks, management always seem to "forget" to let their employees go to break and if you ask about it, they get pissy. Also, they will time you, you have a 15 minute break, but they time you, including that long as walk to the break room and too bad if you have to use the bathroom.

10. Get in an accident at work, they will do everything in their power to prevent paying you. You have to take multiple drug tests, you have to go to THEIR (voodoo) doctor, they will try to fire you, giving you impossible tasks so they can write you up and fire you...anything so they can avoid paying you.

11. Walmart will never defend their employees against customers. I have seen customers scream, harass and even physically push employees and Walmart management will apologize to the customers and might even write up the employee.

12. Customers are a nightmare. Basically you will be mentally and emotionally abused by customers day in and day out, every single day. I am surprised their are not more stories of employees going off on customers than their is.

13. Walmart management will sabotage you trying to move ahead. There was a guy who was moving, applied to Walmart in another state, got the job, all was good for weeks, then a couple of days before he was supposed to move, they wrote his ass up for something that happened WEEKS ago to prevent him from transferring because they had nobody else that could cover that position. The dude said f**k it and quit. A more personal story is that for 5 years I have had a perfect record, no warnings, or write-ups. I was in one department for 2 years, but wanted a different one because the department head there drove me nuts and I kept being stuck on the cash register while the cashier (a friend of the department head) would go on breaks for HOURS, literally HOURS before showing back up again. If anybody said anything about it, this person and the department head would laugh it off, but if anybody else was gone over their break they would be written up in an instant. Anyway, an opening happened in another department and I got the position, two days before I was supposed to go over there, he took me to the office and wrote me up for some bulls**t. However, after I talked to Walmart manager, it was my first, so it was a warning, however it made me miss that position. So a few months later, another position opened up in another department, so I applied and got it, then again my dept manager wrote me up AGAIN for another bulls**t reason, this time this prevented me from transferring for 6 damn months. It was clear as day what was going on, but Walmart turned a blind eye to it. When I got a call back from a job application, did an on the phone interview and passed, it was the happiest day in my life. I honestly did not care what the job was, it could have been grave robbing and I would have taken it. The job I have now is soooo much better in every way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, it is way worse. Do not ever work at Walmart if you can help it."


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