20 Years Without A Father

June 19, 2016

I didn't plan on crying this Father's Day, but this story was shared on Imgur today and is too beautiful not to share...

20 years without a father

"For 20 years I never had a father. I never met him. Heard of his name. Seen a picture. I was in a terrible home. So at age 15 I decided to run away. I graduated high school with AP credit and Honors. So even though I was homeless and bouncing from friends house to house. When I was 17 I heard my mother was incarcerated for drunk driving. I was officially alone. I always wanted to take martial arts but obviously too poor. Graduated high school got a job and started saving money for lessons. I started at age 20 and 4 months later I met this guy. Grandmaster Ji. He asked me what my dreams were or goals. He said he felt that I had hardships that most didn't know. I told him I wanted to become a Master of martial arts and run a school. He told me from that day forward two things would happen. One, that he would make me a master and two, that I would called his son from now on. This is a true father to me. He is a wonderful example of love and justice and doing the right thing. Just wanted to share this with some people. I love my dad and it took me 20 years to meet him."

Credit: Therealkaratekid

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