It's a Tater Life. Life from a French Bulldog's Perspective

October 29, 2013

Hi! I's Taters and this is my wonderful life! I's gonna tell you a little about me...

I was born in a magical place called Delaware and for the longest time I couldn't really hear that well...

And then one day, I could!!

And I just love to snuggle. Snuggling's my favorite!

When I wasn't such a puppy anymore, I went to college! And I just loved to party!

And I even got my very first boyfriend, Butterballs! I don't know what I was thinking... he was sooo out of shapes!

Eventually I graduated and I got my degree! I am super duper smarts now!

So now I only drink the finest of red wines!

After graduating, I got my first job. I just loved meetings! Meetings were sooo much funs!

But now I don't work anymore...I gots so much time to catch up on my sleeps!

Except for when the cat's in my bed. Then I just have no idea what to do so I sit and stare at the wall...

Eventually I'll grab a spot on the couch and snuggle with some human pillows!

Did I tell you I love adventures! We leave the house and go to new places with all new peoples! And I love smelling all the new smells!

Once I met this tiny human and she became one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world!

Another time we went to this super cold place where everything was covered in white fluffs! I LOVED IT!!!

There's even times when I get to dress like Mommy and Daddy in a beautiful red gown. I meet lots of new peoples who just love to point and hold these flashy things at me!

One day my whole family travelled across the the country. Now I live on the beach where there's these funny looking squirrels. Man I hate squirrels!!

When I get home from chasing those flying squirrels, I get frisky and like to play with the cats! They talk funny and they play so wierd, sometimes bopping me on my head. I know they don't mean it so I just keep running as fast as I can!! And then I's tired...

Eventually I make my way to the bright lights that warm my furs!

Sometimes I get woken up and wrapped up in my blanky. Daddy starts calling me Yoda... I think he forgets my name sometimes. He's so silly!

So I'll walk over when he's busy working and just stare at him for a while. He just loves it when I do that!

Well thats about it for this one. Did I mention I loves to sleeps??

Until next time, stay cool and peace!! ~Taters

Thanks for reading this short story I wrote about my French Bulldog, Tater! Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think as I would love to write more! ~ Chris, Sunny Skyz Founder

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