Fun Ways To Use Psychic Powers

April 26, 2016

This post has been written by Michelle Spencer

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with the power to predict the future. As well as having the capacity to see that your bus will be 7 minutes late on Tuesday and your colleague Sandra will have egg sandwiches for lunch, this super-skill would give you the power to foresee world events. By focussing hard and summoning up all your energies you'd be able to see clearly who will win the American election, which new companies are set for success, which celebrities will succumb to scandal and how the lives of your loved ones will unfold. Future events would take shape before your eyes like a mirage, but with the clarity of the here and now. If you were blessed with this particular power, how would you use it?


Improve Your Love Life

In affairs of the heart a crystal ball would certainly be handy. You could look into the future to predict a new love's cheating ways. Or you could simply use your skill to impress the man or woman of your dreams. Having accurately predicted everything from their exam results to the number of puppies their dog will have, it wouldn't be so hard to convince them their true destiny was with you.

Win Big

For most people suddenly gifted in the power of prediction, money would be the first thought to come to mind. Gambling is the obvious go-to if you can see into the future. From fast- forwarding time to find out the lottery results, to placing all your money on the winning horse without even a cursory look at the form, your new insight could prove very lucrative. Even without this special power, plenty of people try their hand at gambling scams. Casinos in particular are constantly upping their security to prevent suspicious patrons from benefiting from ill-gotten gains playing blackjack, roulette, slots and poker.

Right Wrongs

If you're someone with a moral character, you may see your new powers as the chance to act heroically. Looking into the future, you could see which dastardly crimes were about to be committed and prevent them. You'd become known as the person always in the right place at the right time, prepared to stop muggers in their tracks, rescue little old ladies from doorstep scammers and stop the kidnapping of famous billionaires, who would no doubt generously recompense you for your trouble.

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