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March 14, 2016

Has something ever happened to you that you're absolutely certain has never happened to someone else?

That's the question that was asked on a reddit forum that garnered nearly 15,000 unique responses. These are some of our favorites...

what is something that has only happened to you

"I was leaving a museum in DC with my girlfriend. A stretch hummer pulls up to the light and some huge black gentleman is hanging his head and arm out the windows shouting, 'Samuel L. Jackson! Snakes on a Plane! Everybody! It's Samuel L. Jackson!' Which was odd because there were only maybe 12 people in earshot. The giant disappears back inside the car. Then, the man himself, Samuel L Jackson, sunglasses, backwards Kangol and all pokes his head out the window smiling. Of course I'm open mouthed gawking at the whole spectacle like an idiot. So Mr. Jackson points at me, laughs and says, 'Hahaha look at him!!' The light turns green and they drive off. This was eight years ago and it still bugs me. Samuel L. Jackson laughed at me..."

"My wife and I were in a casino and she sat down to play Video Poker. After only 4 hands she hits a Royal Flush for $4,000. The casino workers come to pay her out and a lady next to my wife also playing video poker sees it and asks my wife, 'Can I rub your shoulder real fast before I play my next hand so I'll get a Royal Flush too?' My wife and I look at each other very weirded out but my wife didn't want to come off rude, so she shrugs and says, 'Sure.' The lady awkwardly rubs my wife's shoulder, hits Deal, and gets a Royal Flush. Also $4,000. All three casino workers, myself, my wife, and a couple nearby players just stood there with our jaws dropped."

"Was reading a book about a serial killer. Turned over the page to see a picture of MY house. The serial killer was my former landlord."

"A zebra bit my fingers and wouldn't let go, so my dad punched it in the face."

"I got an inguinal hernia from moving my dad's box of porn mags when I was ten."

"I was riding my Razor scooter around my front yard as a kid. There was a notorious bit of uneven sidewalk that I forgot about and the tiny, incapable wheels made impact and I flipped over the front. I was shaken but generally okay. I go to wipe a tear from my face and as I open my hand a butterfly flew out of it."

"A live bird fell on my head while I was sleeping. Twice. In completely unrelated incidents. I was inside in both. Both times they flew through an open window at night and crashed into the window I was sleeping next to. I did the only thing any normal person would do both times: I screamed like a little girl. I caught both birds, one was a middle sized dark thing (middle of the night, no light) and the other a pigeon, and released them. They were both fine."

"I shot a fly out of the air with a blow gun from about 30 feet away. I think I may have lost my sanity due to no one believing me had my room mate not been there and witnessed it."

"I grew up in Australia until 1998, then my family (and me) moved to the UK. 13 years later me and my wife were on the last day of our honeymoon in Venice and I bumped into my best friend from High School in Australia. First time I'd seen him in 13 years. He was on the first day of his honeymoon with his wife."

"I was playing with a clear plastic bead a in high school craft class. It was small, think like maybe 1/3 the size of a pearl. I got bored and wandered out to the balcony. As i stepped out the door, I threw the bead over arm out into the courtyard, except that on it's way out, it nicked the bottom of the awning that came down only about 2cm from the roof and i swear, bounced back to me and landed directly in my hand which was still in the process of swinging down from the throw. I was gobsmacked. I just walked back in to class and sat down quietly knowing that even if I told someone they'd never believe me. To this day, it remains the most impressive thing I've ever done, and I've never told this to anyone until now."

"I got hired for a job and the company went out of business the next day before I could even make it into work. It was a Circuit City. I got the job, went home, saw the news article about the closing stores and mine was on the list. I had quit my other job that I hated to go work there."

"I once crammed 11 people in a Mazda 323."

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"The first customer who I had to deal with on a new job was the last person I said goodbye to the day I quit that job. It was full circle and it blows my mind everytime I think about it."

"I had to repeat kindergarten because I didn't learn how to share."

"I dated a woman in high school who left me senior year because she discovered she was gay. After college, a different woman also left me because she said she was gay. Both those women left me for the same woman."

"My next door neighbours (an aboriginal family) asked my parents if they could adopt me when I was about 3 because they thought I had special spirits. My mum politely declined."

"One time when I was constipated I pooped so hard that when my poop fell it made a huge sploosh that made the water splash into my mouth."

"I once ran over a squirrel with my bike. I'm an animal person and I immediately felt terrible and stopped my bike. I ran back to go check on it. His little body was just laying there in the path. I went to poke it and the little bastard jumped up and bit me. The squirrel was playing possum! Sidenote: Rabies shots suck."

"Had a 16yo boy teach me true humanity. After responding to a 12 week premature birth which lead to the death of both the mother and the stillborn infant. Both me and my partner were sitting by the side of the road (outside a building complex) head in hands. When a boy wandered past us. He simply sat with us and started talking to us about how much he loves drawing. And drew us a picture (which is still on the wall at branch). Just a random boy on his way home from school. That couldn't bare to see two broken paramedics ready to give up."

"I once had a live fruit bat hooked in my braces."

"Under bombardment in Baghdad in 2004, A Chinese-made Katyusha rocket landed 30ft away and blew me up. I stood up, dusted myself off, and discovered I was completely unhurt. As I was marveling at this, I watched another rocket come in. I knew from its parabola that my luck was up, and stood rooted to the spot, horrified, as it came down nose first about 5 ft away from me. I've never been so certain that my life was over. It failed to explode."

"No promotion in my company for over 6.5 years. No one else has ever achieved this."

"I was eating spinach dip on a patio with my girlfriend and her family when I realized I had dropped a glob on my shirt. Naturally, I scooped the mess off my shirt with another pita and ate it only to realize it was not spinach dip at all. A bird had shat on me. To this day I only use napkins to wipe messes off myself, even if I'm indoors."

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