This Is Why You Haven't Seen Rick Moranis In A Movie Since 1997

March 10, 2016

For those who don't know, this is Rick Moranis.

why rick moranis quit acting
Credit: Damon Winter/The NY Times/Redux

He's known for a bunch of classics like: Second City TV, Little Shop of Horrors, Spaceballs, Ghostbusters, and the Honey! I Shrunk the Kids franchise.

rick moranis quit acting reason

But he is also known as the actor who quit and disappeared from Hollywood after his last appearance in 1997 -- why?

Because he's the guy who gave up his entire acting career after he lost his wife to breast cancer so he could take care and spend all his time with his kids so they would't grow up with "the dad that worked all the time."

This is a photo of him taken in 2013 by Damon Winter of The New York Times. I saw this, got a warm feeling in my heart from nostalgia and it hit me that he still, after all these years looks like such a genuine nice guy.

(h/t) Reggaemanyo1

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