This Is How You Can Tell Which Lane Is The Fastest During Traffic Jams

February 5, 2016

The lane you choose when there's an upcoming traffic jam can make all the difference. So here's a tip you'll want to remember.

tip for traffic jams

If you notice traffic starting to jam up ahead of you, but you can't see what caused it, watch the semi trucks to see what lane they get into.

Often, they will radio one another to give a heads up about which lane is blocked up ahead, so they can move over before traffic gets too jammed up.

Specifically, you want to follow the long-haulers (the trucks that travel greater distances than the "local drivers"). You can designate one from the other by the sleeper (the part of the truck that has an actual bed).

These are the drivers that are usually in communication with one another. They don't want to switch lanes unless it is absolutely necessary, so usually if there is a backup on the freeway, they'll get on the CB to ask which lanes are blocked. Then they move to the lane that isn't blocked, and ride it until they're back into free flowing traffic.

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