When You See What These 'Mermaid Pillows' Do, You'll Understand Why They're Selling Like Crazy

January 14, 2016

A video of some throw pillows in a Nebraska Furniture Mart store in Texas, filmed by a local TV reporter, has gone viral on social media.

mermaid pillows change when you swipe
Aviva Stanoff's Mermaid Pillows / Nebraska Furniture Mart

The pillows are called "Mermaid Pillows" and change colors when you draw on them with your hand.

mermaid pillows change when you swipe
Facebook Video

Fox 4's Steve Noviello thought they were so weird, he decided to live stream his friend messing around with them on Facebook.


Came across these changing "mermaid" pillows at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Amazing or horrifying? UPDATE: Nebraska Furniture Mart now has these online from original designer Aviva Stanoff Design as shown in the video.https://www.nfm.com/list.aspx?dsNav=N:4289168328Aviva Stanoff Design direct website:http://avivastanoff.comThose asking about $99 version from Bling Is The New Black:http://www.blingisthenewblack.com/#!online-store/c9vn/!/OUR-BLING-MERMAID-STYLE-REVERSIBLE-SEQUIN-PILLOW-17X17-SALE/p/58973055/category=0Those asking about fabric to make them yourself from NY Fashion Cntr Fabrics:http://amzn.to/1Q84wb6

Posted by Steve Noviello on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Since the video went viral, Nebraska Furniture Mart now has these amazing pillows, designed by Aviva Stanoff, for sale online!

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