After Being Out Of Town, Parents Come Home To A Spotless House... But Find THIS Spreadsheet!

November 9, 2015

Parents that went out of town came home to a spotless house, but their 18 year-old daughter made one crucial mistake.

"My daughter cleaned up really well after her illicit party, she just accidentally left the organizational spreadsheet printout behind."

daughter party spreadsheet
via imgur

Dad shared the backstory on reddit:

"We let her have people over for her 18th birthday and agreed to let them have the house on Friday. We have a small place with just one living space, one bathroom etc so it seemed reasonable that we not be here. These are a good bunch of high school seniors... nearly adults if not already.

The illicit part was the alcohol. In this day and age (and country) I cannot condone any alcohol and have been very clear with her and her friends on that account."

Part of me thinks he should punish her for the party, but part of me thinks he should be impressed by her planning and organizational skills.

Fruit and veggies for party snacks? Class act!

He added about the 'signs needed' on the spreadsheet: "I am comforted that my bedroom was marked off-limits. Even her little brother's room was marked keep-out."

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