Moving Statues Of A Man And Woman Passing Through Each Other Every Day Tell A Heartbreaking Story About Love

October 11, 2015

Known as the 'Statue of Love,' this 23-foot-tall steel installation created by Georgian artist, Tamara Kvesitadze, depicts a romantic affair between a Muslim boy, Ali, and Georgian princess, Nino.

kinetic statues of love

Coming from different cultural and religious backgrounds, these lovebirds face many struggles in their path, only to find themselves separated for eternity by the invasion of Soviet Russia.

The story, similar to Romeo and Juliet, has been translated into 37 languages and turned into a movie, but no tribute compares to this monument standing in Batumi, Georgia.

Ali and Nino

Controlled by computer, the kinetic statues begin their journey every evening at 7 p.m. Slowly, they move towards each other until their bodies merge for a short embrace. But Ali and Nino's backgrounds won't allow them to be together, so the wheel keeps turning and they pass through one another.

Ali and Nino statue

Watch a video of the emotional spectacle below:

(h/t) A Plus.

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