Traffic Jams In China - The Reason You're No Longer Allowed To Complain About Traffic In Your City

October 10, 2015

Yep, China has the most insane traffic jams on the planet.

This is a recent traffic jam just outside of Beijing, China, caused by a checkpoint on the other side of the toll booth. Basically, 50 lanes of cars had to merge into two lanes.

china traffic jam

Watch how horrible it was in the video below:

This isn't even the worst of them!

In August 2010, there was a traffic jam in China that was 60 miles long and lasted 10 DAYS. Vehicles moved approximately 0.6 miles per day!

A spokesman for the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau reportedly told China's Global Times newspaper that the backup was due to "insufficient traffic capacity, caused by maintenance construction."

Motorists were told to take exits and detours, but many refused.

But wait, that wasn't even the worst of them.

Xinhua News reported a similar backup in July 2010 that kept traffic to a crawl for nearly a month.

traffic jams in china

​So, the next time you're sitting in traffic, just remember this post and be glad you don't ever, ever have to drive in China.

"Hey boss, I'm gonna be a little late to work... When will I be there? Oh I'm not sure, maybe... four days?"

traffic jam china

You're welcome.

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