2-Day-Old Shares A Magical Moment With Her 92-Year-Old Great Grandmother

October 1, 2015

One was alive when the stock market crashed, the other might walk on Mars.

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At just 2 days old, Scott and Jennifer Martin took their daughter, Penelope, to meet Scott's 92-year-old grandmother, Millie, and it was just as magical as they hoped it would be.

When the family first arrived at Millie's home in Tacoma, Washington, they placed Penelope on her lap and sat there watching her nap for an hour. When she finally woke up, they were introduced and that's when Scott snapped the touching photo.

"We had a lot of trouble conceiving, and Millie prayed for us every day," Jennifer told Today. "She also wanted a girl in the family and so we helped her fish her wish."

And this isn't Penelope's first brush with internet fame. This video of her clapping in the womb went viral back in March!

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