The Hangover Secret Cure that No One knows about... until now

October 8, 2012

The cure to a hangover is a secret no longer. Most people have had a night where they had one too many cocktails and instantly regretted it the next morning. You wake up feeling ill with and an upset stomach, wishing your hangover would go away immediately, never to return.

Until now, your only option was to wait it out until your body fully recovers. Sure you can drink plenty of water, orange juice, or take over the counter pain relievers, but they all take hours and hours to kick in. And as you get older, the hangovers only get worse, lasting longer and longer.

The hangover cure has been here all along

I had a conversation with a bartender who was trying to tell me that he never gets hangovers anymore. In complete disbelief, I asked how that was possible to which he responded with a product I had never heard of...

hangover cureMilk Thistle. It is an herbal remedy that is much bigger in Europe than in the United States. It's main purpose is to protect the liver from harmful toxins(alcohol in this case), promote the growth of liver cells, fight oxidation (a chemical process that can damage cells), and inhibit inflammation. Many doctors prescribe milk thistle to their patients to help treat alcoholism.

If you reseach it online, you will find mixed results. Scientists can not prove that it works on humans. I am here to assure you it works. After speaking with a bartender who told me about this miracle pill, I did the research. I visited countless message boards and there were enough positive comments for me to give it a try.

You can purchase milk thistle at any pharmacy including Walgreens, CVS, or even online at Amazon. It is not a prescription, so you can purchase it over the counter. I prefer the brand Nature's Bounty, which sells them in amounts of 200 capsules, at 250mg, costing about $30.00.

I have told a handful of friends and family about this hangover remedy, and they have ALL thanked me over and over. No more feeling sick, vomitting, or aching.

If you drink often, take it as a daily vitamin. The bottle will suggest taking 3 pills a day, but that is up to you. If you know you are going to have a big night, take one before you start or before bed.

This is the ultimate hangover cure. The secret no one knows about...until now. Enjoy! But always drink responsibly.

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